Student Health & Wellness (Nurse's Medical Corner)

Students are required by state law to have certain medical information completed prior to the start of school or risk being excluded from school due to medical non-compliance.

(1) Completed Student Medical Information Form: Parent completes. Please include a phone number and an e-mail address.
(2) Completed Vision Program Consent: Parent complies and must sign in TWO places and complete the medical history section.
(3) Completed Dental Program Consent: Parents complete and must sign in TWO places.

ILLINOIS STATE LAW MEDICAL COMPLIANCE is required for students in the following categories:

*Students first entering/transferring into CPS IN ANY GRADE LEVEL.
*2nd grade
*6th grade
*9th grade
***See MINIMUM HEALTH REQUIREMENTS in the attached documents below***

For students who may not be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons, there is a new state policy requiring forms to be completed by both the doctor and the parent. The child will not be considered in compliance until these forms are completed as required by State of Illinois Policy.


The OFFICE OF SCHOOL HEALTH and WELLNESS has many more resources available relating to student health.

Specialized Medical Issue Packets
All students with specialized medical issues, whether they take medication at school or not, are encouraged to have forms completed by their doctor on a yearly basis, so the school may remain up to date with their medical status should complications arise.

Students who take medication during school hours must have forms specific to their medical issue completed yearly and may qualify for a 504 plan to address and accommodations they may require.

Students who have a medical condition that is treated with medication at home are encouraged to have the Miscellaneous Medical Issue with No Medication Required in School completed by their doctor and turn it in to the school nurse. This is encouraged because medications students take at home can at times affect their functioning in the classroom.

This is utilized for students who will be out of school due to a complicating medical issue/surgery for more than 2 weeks time and students may be eligible for the INTERMITTENT HOMEBOUND who have a medical condition that causes excessive absences sporadically throughout the year. 

The form must be completed by the students MD and must be renewed at least every 3 months.

Approval for the program is dependent on school nurse approval after speaking with the students physician and consulting on the student's present medical status and plan of care to assist in returning the student to school.

This is utilized for any medical issues not mentioned specifically in the other packets provided. It may be utilized for such issues as Migraines, GI issues, Mental health concerns, ADHD, Hypoglycemia, etc.

If the student requires medication during school each medication taken requires a medication self-administration form to be completed by the doctor. If the dose of the medication changes New orders from the doctor must be completed and turned into the school.

Parents must complete parental permission to self-administer/have medication administered to student form provided in each packet.

Medication must come to the school in the appropriately labeled container that matches the physicians order.

Inhalers and medications used for allergies are kept with the student at all times all other medications are kept in the nurses office.

• Extra Miscellaneous Medical Report: This is an additional blank physicians report if your child has more than one major medical issue that requires addressing that may need to be added to one of the other packets.
• Extra Physician Food Substitution: This form would be used if you required a new or additional form than the form provided in the allergy packet.

All girls who are pregnant and give birth during the school year are entitled to 6 weeks of homebound services starting the day of delivery during regularly scheduled school attendance dates. Instruction will be provided for 1 hour at the students home by a teacher and the student will receive credit for 1/2 day attendance.

All pregnant students must provide medical clearance from their doctor that they are healthy to be attending school, any limitations they may have due to their pregnancy and their expected due date.

Girls should have the homebound form completed by their doctor at their early appointments and returned to the school nurse for approval so that if complication arise or when delivery occurs services may be provided promptly. 

The homebound services are provided for 6 weeks from the date of delivery only. It is imperative that the student or family member notify the Homebound Coordinator at Smyser, immediately upon delivery so services may be delivered promptly. Homebound services will not be compensated when there is late notification made to the school of delivery or if no homebound medical referral was ever returned to the school nurse for approval.

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